Family Moments

Why I Document Families

I photograph the truth in families. I aim to create a set of images that reveal what it feels like to be your family- to be IN your family.

There are a handful of candid images that I have from my young life, growing up with my family, that tell the real story of who I was and what my experiences were like at that age. Elements in these photos – the homes, the people, their clothes, our connections, the activities and interests – truly pull me back into the decades-old memories. The photos remind me about how I played, where I lived, who I loved, who loved me, and how I sized up in the world. Without them my understanding and appreciation of my own life is quite incomplete. The gratitude and value I personally get from these photographs inspires me to document families with total authenticity.

My concept of and experience with families is very broad and accepting: maybe family is your 7 pomeranians, or just you and your lab, or your human best friend, your cousins, your ski trip pals, your partner, or the whole nuclear clan of parents, 5 children, 3 dogs, 2 cats, and a goldfish represented on your car’s window decals.

Most often I photograph families in their home environment, on a typical every day. I also document significant events like births and deliveries, vacations, birthdays, or any other reason your family comes together.

Session fees begin at $500. Let’s connect.