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What people say after seeing their wedding photographs :

Amber and Jeremy Minnerick are not photographers. They are philosophers, artists, historians, storytellers, and hunters who happen to use film as their medium.

From our first consultation, we knew we would be friends with them. They’re so incredibly kind and easy to know, and they put us right at ease. They spent time getting to know our history, our families, and the unique stories that would be playing out on our wedding day.

On the day, they arrived right on time, ready to go. They captured our whole day in vivid, colorful, artistic snaps that tell the story. We wanted them to capture the moments we would never forget and tell the stories we didn’t get to see. We wanted them to capture the little details we would miss, and the grand nature of the entire day . . . and they did – in spectacular fashion. They were at our wedding, and they were not a disturbance – but they did add to it. Amber has this smile and Jeremy is so reassuring . . . there were at least a couple times I was glad they were there to give me the “you’re doing fine, just keep breathing” smile or nod.

I would gladly pay their fees over again for the results we’ve seen from them, and they feel like our friends now. We’re so glad we found them.

Josh + Nick
Jeremy and Amber are amazing individuals and extraordinarily talented artists. They are one of the few photographers we found who did excellent work with both outdoor and indoor lighting. They are phenomenal story-tellers, with great eyes for composition and awesome senses of humor, and we have loads of photos of the most perfect facial expressions – both ours and our guests – captured at just the right moment throughout the night. Throughout the day they were calm, organized/on time, and very discreet. They were incredibly flexible – even when we changed dates less than 6 months before the wedding – and were very responsive to email throughout the process. We actually had 2 separate weddings due to religious reasons and consider them one of our favorite vendors out of the whole lot. For the quality of work they provide, they are an incredible value in the Dallas market, and for the New York City market (where we had our 2nd wedding), I don’t think you can find a better deal.

J + K

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Jeremy and Amber are our good friends. We met in college and watched them become the Minnericks, both literally and figuratively. I can tell you how incredible they are–individually, as a couple, as friends, photographers, artists. Amber and Jeremy were perfect for us not only because we already know and love them as friends, but also because they are able to work in any lighting, they capture emotion better than anyone else, and their style is impeccable.

Lighting was important to us because we got married in a dark venue at night. I never worried that they would miss something. They also somehow capture the most brilliant, emotional facial expressions. It speaks to how your new husband or wife, or family/friends, made you feel at that moment on your wedding day. And they do that for every guest. They see it all. And they are able to tell your story in a style that is creative, artsy (yet tasteful and not distracting), and timeless. I appreciate that the Minnericks don’t do what’s trendy, opting instead for true, clear images that speak for themselves.

Jenn + Josh

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Amber and Jeremy were the very first vendor we booked for our wedding. Good photographs were number one on our list when we were going through our planning phase. What we received was much more than what we could have dreamed of. They are such beautiful people, kind, so talented, professional, just pretty much unbelievable. Because they are a married couple working together, I believe that they have such a wonderful sense on what to capture. We completely trusted that they would capture every special moment and let us relive the day that went so fast through the photographs. You can really tell they love what they do and really care about their clients. They are more like our good friends now. They truly gave us a gift!

Puru + Gary

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They are absolutely amazing! My mom has already said, no matter where my sister gets married…we will hire them to travel with us! :) They were so fun and made everything perfect! They also got back to us within 2 months of our wedding….and you get a million awesome pictures! Hands down the best!

Lindsey + Adam

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I was very impressed by the personal and beautiful nature of their photos.
When my husband and I decided to get married we knew we would go to the courthouse and avoid the hoopla of a big wedding. I knew that I would want pictures of that day to share with our families and for us. I also knew immediately that I would use Jeremy and Amber.

Jeremy and Amber were flexible with what day we got married. We were undecided till about a week before. They were open to the fluid nature of our day and they documented the whole thing; from trying to find an available judge to hanging out in front of the Dallas skyline. They offered suggestions for shots and they took shots as they saw fit. They were the polar opposite of intrusive during our day and we enjoyed having them there.The results were awesome!
My husband wasn’t convinced that pictures were necessary at first or that they were worth the cost, but he changed his mind as soon as he saw them. He is so glad we had our wedding documented and thinks the pictures were more than worth their cost.

Jeremy and Amber are intune with their clients’ desires and it shows in their work. You get a sense of each couple and their wedding experience from looking at their pictures. They are able to capture the beauty and emotional tone of any wedding they take on.

Emily + Paul

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Amber and Jeremy are the sweetest people to work with, yet on the day of our wedding I hardly knew they were there- but they still captured EVERY moment. If you are looking to capture the emotion of every step of your wedding in a creative and amazing way- they are exactly what you need. The value you get for your money is unbeatable.

D + D
It has taken me awhile to write this review – I am so thankful for Amber and Jeremy that putting it into words has been difficult. After seeing Amber & Jeremy’s work and knowing them as people, there was never a doubt that we would use them for our wedding – we actually planned our date around them!
They shoot vibrant, candid shoots and are able to capture every emotion possible in a photograph.

The first time my husband and I looked through our photos we were amazed at all that they were able to catch; moments that included us, our families, our friends, EVERYONE. And never once did we notice their presence. They caught moments we didn’t know were there. They caught moments that were incredibly intimate and tender. Not a week goes by that I don’t look through some of the photos from our day. I am immediately brought back. The joy, laughter, and love. And each time I find something different. I am so thankful to them that I get to relive that day. Amber & Jeremy wear their love for each other on their sleeves. It was so beautiful to see. To see their banter, to see their love for each other, their laughter; it put us at ease but also added to the day and the experience. There are not many people like them and not many relationships like theirs.

Victoria + Zach
We loved Jeremy and Amber. They are incredible photographers who captured the feel of our wedding perfectly. Having two photographers allowed every moment to be recorded. They were quick to respond to our questions and concerns and treated our ‘big day’ like it was an important day for them, as well.

Heather + Jeremy
My photographers were the first thing after the engagement that I booked. I had no question on who I wanted to have shoot our wedding. I love their personal touch that they put on the pictures. They were laid back and wanted to make our day exactly that, our day. I tell anyone and everyone how incredible they are whenever people ask. I also had so many compliments from people involved in the wedding that saw them at work.

Claire + Scott
The Minnericks are the best darn photographers PERIOD! My wedding was 450 miles away from Texas so I was a little worried about them being on time and being able to find the wedding and reception locations ok. But their urgency to ensure they were not the cause of the bride and groom worrying put me at ease. They contacted me to let me know their flight landed safely and they were in town, they arived at the church hours early to ensure they scouted out great photo opportunities and to ensure they didn’t have any issues with lighting and etc. They also beat everyonwe to my reception location to make sure they were ready once all the guests arrived. They captured my engagement pics and wedding photos and they did an awesome job. When I saw my photos it made my husband and I relive every moment. They captured so many candid shots. They are highly professional and I was worry free the day of my wedding because I knew they were on the job. They are the best value for the money. Anyone would be crazy to pass them up.

Tiffani + Jason
Jeremy and Amber are the most elite and the finest photographers ANYONE can have. They literally bring you into their own lives and get to know you. That was what made it all worth it. Color and detail are spectacular in EVERY SINGLE PICTURE! As photographers their professionalism is beyond amazing. As people, they are no less than the best of the best.

Ana + Alex
Amber and Jeremy did an amazing job. My only complaint is that I have too many amazing picutes of my wedding and it’s making the selection process difficult. I cried more tears of happiness seeing the pictures for the first time than I did on the actual day (which was a lot.) Every photograph provokes an emotion. I believe this was the smartest money I spent on the wedding.

Emily + Brad
Working with Jeremy and Amber was a pleasure. Their appreciation of beauty and passion for photography helps makes them more than just your average photographers. They work as a team paying attention to every detail. Their professionalism and quality of service was very impressive. They captured our engagement pictures, bridals, and our wedding day. We would recommend them to anyone and we cannot wait to have a reason to use them again!

Amanda + Kelsey
Amber and Jeremy were great to work with. They quickly understood the type of wedding my fiance’ and I were planning and what we were looking for, and they delivered some absolutely fantastic photos. Not to mention, they were fun to have around. We would definitely recommend them.

Cindy + Mark