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+8.25% TX sales tax.
Only 1 session remaining on May 1st in Dallas!
Just 0 sessions remaining on May 2nd in Dallas!
And 1 session remaining on May 3rd in Dallas!
AUSTIN TX added – 1 session remaining on May 4th!

What’s included:

* 20 minute photography session with Jeremy
* your favorite image printed as an 8×10 and 5×7 – one for you and one to gift
* 15% off your first order from the session

15% off what, you say?

* After your session is delivered, your first order of prints/books/digitals/etc is discounted 15%
* You can see full prices here
* You’re not alone! We’ll do this part together!

Who’s a mini-session for?

* families
* lovers
* friends
* seniors
* professionals
* weirdos
* any of the above and their animal(s)

What about the weather?

* Outdoor location is planned for White Rock Lake in Dallas TX
(Austin TX sessions will be outdoors too)
* This is a rain or shine session
* If the weather is unsafe then an indoor location will be provided

Let’s get you signed up!

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