Hi, I’m Jeremy

Essentially I’m a wide open heart who finds beauty and curiosity and significance around every corner in our textured experience of life, especially anything that involves common human themes. When I discovered I could effectively express this through the art of photography, I found a natural fit in the delightfully layered, diverse, and momentous environments of weddings and families. I’m a true empath, and I believe it’s through this compassionate understanding that I’m able to infuse your photographs with the richness of your authentic experience. I think the photos I create say far more about you than they say about me.

If you were to ask what I’m doing in this web-space, in a single sentence, it would be finely crafted, vividly emotional, wedding and family photojournalism for the deeply connected. I strive to make thoughtfully composed and wholly meaningful images with every click. For me that is a different path each day I pick up my camera, as I truly connect with my subjects and their experience, individuality, and feelings, and reveal that in pictures. No wedding, no family, no person, no photograph ever feels the same for me.

Personally, I really dig: food, rock climbing, my best bud on 4 legs Sancho, minimalism, cooking, restoring or repurposing old things to new usefulnesses, traveling, camping and backpacking, and dessert. I live in the most diverse neighborhood of the city, with 14 countries represented by 22 immigrant owned businesses- primarily family run restaurants! I could nearly eat my weight in Ethiopian and Indian food!

I’m eager to hear from you, to learn about you, and to document what makes your life and connections uniquely yours. Send me a note so we can connect.

If you’d like to know me a little more by peering into my daily adventures, travels, connections, and discoveries with the camera that stays in my front pocket, you can follow my Instagram photo feed (below) @jeremyminnerick


Wedding photography is perhaps the most important decision (except of course for the partner you choose) toward how you will remember your wedding day and how you will share the stories with those you love. Family photography is equally important, and especially if you have children know that the images and memories will be unimaginably valuable to them when they are your age and older. My hope is that sharing some words from my clients below and more of their photographs will help you feel safe and confident that I will take exceptional care in documenting your wedding experience and family connections.

“Wow… I think you broke our hearts… in the best way. We looked at everything last night and just can’t believe how authentically you documented our wedding. You captured every single moment, feeling, and relationship. We are just stunned by the images and are grateful for your talent. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this lasting gift.” – Nicole + Ryan

“I don’t have words. I cannot thank you enough Jeremy. I will cherish every image forever. The picture of my brother and I literally took my breath away. And there are so many incredible perspectives. I am overwhelmed and filled with gratitude. The pictures give me chills. All of them. My crazy world stops for just a minute and I am transported back to that day. I remember how I felt. I remember how completely undone I became that day because you captured the arc perfectly. We are lucky to know you, and consider ourselves blessed to have had you capture our life changing day. The heart you bring to your work is unmatched. You are truly amazing.” – Melissa + Nathan

“Where to begin? We are beyond grateful for the talents, time, emails, pointers and more. You truly captured our love and friendship better than we could have ever hoped.” – Autumn + Chris

“What an incredible surprise. We are absolutely floored, thank you thank you Jeremy! Wow.” – Deval + Amil

“My dad is a person who really doesn’t like to have his picture taken. He had this to say, ‘I detest having my picture taken but have never been more at ease in front of a camera. You were everywhere yet never intruded on the event itself.’” – Charissa + Jess

“My only complaint is that I have too many amazing pictures of my wedding and it’s making the selection process difficult. I cried more tears of happiness seeing the pictures for the first time than I did on the actual day (which was a lot). Every photograph provokes an emotion. I believe this was the smartest money I spent on the wedding.” – Emily + Brad