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Hi, I'm Jeremy

Essentially I’m a wide open heart who finds beauty and curiosity and significance around every corner in the textured experience of life, especially anything that involves common human themes. A while back I discovered I could effectively express that through a camera. I’m a true empath, and I believe it's through this compassionate understanding that I'm able to infuse your photographs with the richness of your authentic experience.

If you were to ask what I'm doing in this web-space, in a single sentence, it would be finely crafted, vividly emotional, wedding and family photojournalism for the deeply connected. I strive to make thoughtfully composed and meaningful images with each click. For me that is a different path every day I pick up my camera, as I truly connect with my subjects and their experience, individuality and feelings, and revealing that in pictures. No wedding, no family, no day, no photograph is ever the same for me.

I'm eager to hear from you, to learn about you, and to document what makes your life and connections uniquely yours. Send me a note so we can connect.

If you’d like to know me more personally by peering into my daily adventures and discoveries with the camera that stays in my front pocket, you can follow my Instagram photo feed (below) @jeremyminnerick

Why I Document Weddings

Some of the most important photographs possible in your life and in the lives of those you love will happen on your wedding day.

Your wedding is the one time everyone you are deeply connected to is gathered in one place. Your life partner, long-time companions and friends, the people who cared for and loved you as you grew into you, and you, of course, at your happiest and most grateful. The thoughtful images I create for you will reflect the people and relationships you value in authentic, relevant, artful and interesting ways.

As your lives move forward and you look back at your wedding images, I want you to remember how loved you are and how much you love. I want you to be filled with gratitude for your wedding experience and for the people who shared and championed that experience with you. I want you to always remember how that felt.

Unequivocally, I take the long view of wedding photography, creating a collection of images that will increase in value over time. I envision you and your partner in your senior years, holding hands and reflecting on your life together, reminiscing on when and where it all began, joyful from the feelings and connections I captured for you.

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Wedding Moments